First blog post

This is the post excerpt.


Welcome to ZombiePirateship17, This is the site where I, who is counted among the living dead and a “villain of all Nations” since the age of 17, attempt to plot a new course by the venerable method of star gazing-in a metaphorical sense. In any case, you won’t find much about Zombies, Pirates, ships or even the number 17 here. Sorry about that. What you will find are poems, stories, and occasionally essays on the various demons which possess and or obsess me.

I am incarcerated, so I do not get the opportunity to return the favor of reading from the pages of the those who read me. I am at the mercy of snail mail. However I will eventually receive any comments or questions you have if you direct them to I appreciate any feedback as I am constantly revising pieces even after they have been posted and or published.

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