About Me

Lucas Whaley is a tattooed freak. Lucas Whaley is a fragile human being. He’s a metal core warrior and a perpetual punk-rock kid. Lucas Whaley is diplomatic in his lack of political correctness. He’s a devout Darwinist who believes in equality and a militant feminist who revels in his masculinity. Lucas Whaley doesn’t see any contradiction in these things. He’s a cynical believer of magic, a hopeless romantic, a manic-depressive bottomless well of creativity. He thinks art is more important than people, people are more important than animals, and that the most beautiful spaces are where these three things cohabitate. Lucas Whaley wants to be somebody’s hero, anybody’s hero, YOUR hero. Lucas Whaley wishes he was Batman or Scott Pilgrim, or Spider-Man-or some SpiderBatPilgrim (it could be a thing). Lucas Whaley really wishes he were a better writer, but he still hopes you enjoy this page.